And it finally happened

Months of work led up to “Afterlife: an audiovisual performance”, the performance component of my thesis work that opened the Theater Capstone Festival 2018 at NYU Abu Dhabi. I’ll be posting a reflection, and making a video and photos accessible soon.

About the performance:

Popular during the 19th century, magic lantern phantasmagoria shows were spine-chilling theatrical experiences that utilized the pre-cinematic technology of the magic lantern, an early slide projector, to create the illusion that there were ghosts in the room. These technologies and performances anticipate video jockeying, a form of live performance that emerged in 1980s club culture, where visuals are remixed in realtime to heighten club atmosphere.

A joint Capstone in Film & New Media and Theater, Afterlife: an audiovisual performance uses VJ and DJ techniques to reimagine a phantasmagoria show for the 21st century and investigate the concept of the afterlife as a state of intermediacy.



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